Anyway we need to pay attention!
The essential rules not to be forgotten to continue moving safely.

Don’t forget the essential prevention rules!

Never before we have all been tested in the face of an unprecedented pandemic of planetary dimensions. We are still living with the virus so we must not lower our attention in the prevention of contagion in order not to risk health and quarantine

Rule number 1:

Avoid gatherings and in case … always the mask!

Rule number 2:

TO WASH HANDS! Often it is good!

Rule number 3:

USE THE MASK! If we do not have them, we try to be attentive to distances from other people, avoiding gatherings

Rule number 4:

WE ALSO USE ALCOHOL FOR YOUR HANDS! It is the best disinfectant!

Rule number 5:

DO NOT GO TO FIRST AID! If symptoms of Coronavirus occur (fever and difficulty breathing) CALL THE FAMILY DOCTOR! All this to avoid the possibility of contagion!