Don’t forget these essential rules for staying safe when out and about.
Rules for staying safe

All across the globe we are living in challenging and unprecedented times. We must continue to live with the virus and work together to prevent infection, stay safe and healthy, and limit the risk of further lockdowns.

Rule number 1:

Avoid crowds. If you find yourself in a busy or crowded area, always wear a mask!

Rule number 2:

WASH YOUR HANDS. Wash them often and thoroughly.

Rule number 3:

WEAR A FACE MASK. If you do not have one, keep your distance from other people and avoid crowds or gatherings.

Rule number 4:

USE AN ALCOHOL-BASED HAND SANITISER. The most effective hand sanitisers are those with alcohol to help kill germs.

Rule number 5:

DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS. If you have any coronavirus symptoms (fever and difficulty breathing), speak to the hotel staff who will contact a doctor on your behalf. These measures are to limit any risk of infection.