The detail of all the new regulations issued by the government in force from 15 June to 14 July

The Italian Official Gazette published the new rules in force from 15 June to 14 July for “Phase 3” of the coronavirus emergency. In detail, the rules are:


1) People with a fever above 37.5 degrees must stay at home and inform their doctor.
2) Carers cannot stay in first aid places.
3) The health management indicates how to access the RSA.


1) Banking, financial and insurance services continue to be guaranteed.
2) Professional activities must be carried out as much as possible with agile work and in any case in compliance with the protocols.
3) The activities of the catering services (bars, restaurants, pubs, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, canteens) are allowed with the approval of the regions and with respect for the distancing protocols.
4) Industrial and commercial production activities must comply with protocols.
5) Retail trade is allowed with the distancing and respect of protocols.
6) The activities of the services relating to the person are allowed with the approval of the regions and compliance with the protocols.
7) The activities of the bathing establishments are carried out with the approval of the region and compliance with the distancing and sanitizing protocols.
8) Reception facilities are open while maintaining social distancing.
9) Fairs and congresses are however suspended.


1) The parks and play areas are open to everyone, even to children aged 0-3 years. The distance of at least one meter must be kept and gathering is prohibited.
2) Summer camps for minors reopen.
3) They also open gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs respecting the distance.
4) Cinemas, theaters and concerts reopen. Mask and distancing requirement. Maximum number of one thousand spectators for outdoor performances and 200 spectators in closed places.
5) Museums are open in compliance with safety protocols.
6) The arcades, betting and bingo reopen with the ok of the regions.
7) The activities of wellness, spa, cultural and social centers only restart with the approval of the regions.
8) Activities that take place in dance halls and discotheques and similar venues, outdoors or indoors, are suspended.


1) Access to places of worship and religious functions take place in compliance with the protocols signed with religious communities.


1) except for high school exams, schools and universities of all levels are suspended. Distance teaching and university exams remain.


1) Sports activities are allowed with a distance of at least two meters.
2) Sports competitions of national interest behind closed doors are allowed from today.
3) For contact sports not of national interest, it will be necessary to wait for June 25 and the OK of the regions.


1) The region arranges the planning of local public transport.
2) The demonstrations are allowed with static form and distancing.
3) In prisons, the symptomatic cases of new entrances are in isolation from other prisoners.


1) Quarantine is provided for those coming from abroad except for citizens of the EU countries, the Schengen area, the United Kingdom, Andorra, the Principality of Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican, for traveling, diplomatic and health personnel , for cross-border workers.
2) Those who enter Italy for work, urgency or for health reasons must not quarantine if they stay for less than 5 days.
3) Until June 30, travel is allowed only to and from the EU countries, Schengen, the United Kingdom, the Vatican, San Marino, the principality of Monaco and Andorra.
4) Cruise services of ships flying the Italian flag are suspended.